About Simon Elliston Ball

Simon is a Product Manager at Hortonworks, where he helps customers use Hadoop and other big data technologies to catch Cyber attacks. Before that he was out in the field helping numerous customers architect their big data solutions. He used to be Head of Big Data at Red Gate Software where he researched and built user tools for Big Data platforms. Before riding the elephant, he worked in the data intensive worlds of hedge funds and financial trading, ERP and e-Commerce, as well as designing and running nationwide networks and websites. These days his head is in Big Data and visualisation.

In the course of those roles, he’s designed and built several organisation-wide data and networking infrastructures, headed up research and development teams, and designed (and implemented) numerous digital products and high-traffic transactional websites.

For a change of technical pace, he writes and produces screencasts on front-end web technologies such as ExtJS, and is an avid NodeJS programmer. In the past he has also edited novels, written screenplays, developed web sites and built a photography business.